Many individuals, institutions and companies endanger their reputation or their business relations as a result of poor translations. A good translation is not achieved by simply substituting isolated words or phrases. Substandard translations produced by programs or persons who do not possess an absolute command of the language into which they are translating contain many grammatical and stylistic errors.

The task of a translator is to obtain a document in the target language which is not only a faithful reflection of the original document, but which also reflects knowledge of the culture and subject in question. That is why eltraductoringles eschews the use of translation software. He is a professional translator with an absolute command of the English language and more than fifteen years’ experience in the fields of translation, writing and proofing.

His translation work is focused principally in the following areas:

Academic texts
(History, archaeology, anthropology, etc. See testimonials)

Publishing companies
(More than thirty books on a variety of subjects. See publications)

(Travel companies, public institutions associated with tourism.)


(Magazines, articles, etc.)

Public institutions
(Promperú, Profonanpe, INC, Regional Government of Cuzco, Dircetur, EMUFEC-Cusco, Ministry of the Environment, Ministry of Culture, SERPAR-Lima, among others.)

(Larco Museum, Amano Museum, Museum of Pre-Columbian Art – MAP, Raimondi Museum, Huaca de la Luna Site Museum, Lima Museum of Art, Casa Bodega y Quadra Site Museum, Saint Dominic Priory-Qorikancha Museum, Lima Cathedral Archive and Museum, Central Reserve Bank of Peru Museum, Huaca Pucllana Site Museum.)

(More than a dozen documentary films on environmental issues and adventure sports.)

Hotel and food industries
(Hotels, restaurants and publications on Peruvian cuisine.)

Business and finance
(Banks, financial institutions, mining and oil companies; including annual reports, legal documents, contracts, press releases, curriculums, presentations, newsletters, manuals, websites, etc.)

The environment

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