Translation services
As an English-born, professional bilingual translator, eltraductoringles provides first-rate translations from Spanish to English, drawing on his thorough knowledge of Latin American language and culture and his writing ability in English.

The resulting well-written texts, while remaining faithful to the original, do not read like translations. 

His clients include writers, journalists, academics, the business world, publishing companies, public institutions, museums, travel companies and luxury hotel chains.

In addition, his services are regularly sought by other translators, who value his professionalism, commitment to his work and respect for established deadlines. 

Proofing of texts

Eltraductoringles proofreads and, when necessary, corrects all types of texts in English. If an impeccably written text is required, then eltraductoringles will undertake to proof it and present an improved version.

American English or British English?
There exist many significant differences between American and British English. In accordance with the needs of his clients, eltraductoringles offers translation services in American or British English, although in Latin America it is usually best to use American English, unless the content in question is aimed specifically at readers from the United Kingdom.

His experience in the fields of translation, writing and editing does not mean that rates are high; in fact, costs are competitive and tailored to those of the market.

We will study your request individually and send you a free quote.

English to Spanish translations
Although he is a specialist in translation from Spanish to English, many of his clients entrust eltraductoringles with their English to Spanish work.

His reverse translation work has included essays related to Andean studies, texts for the travel industry and the subtitles of more than a dozen documentary films on environmental issues and adventure sports.
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