Born in Cambridge, England, Stephen Light has lived much of his life in South America. He works as a freelance Spanish-English translator and has clients in Peru, the United States, Spain and Colombia.

As a bilingual translator, his clients include academics, publishing houses, translation companies, private and public sector institutions (PROFONANPE [Peruvian National Fund for State Protected Natural Areas], INC [Peruvian National Institute of Culture], Peruvian Ministry of the Environment, Peruvian Ministry of Culture, Regional Government of Cusco, PROMPERU [Peruvian Tourism Promotion Board], DIRCETUR [Cusco Regional Office of Foreign Trade and Tourism], EMUFEC [Municipal Office of Cusco Festivities], among others), travel companies, museums (Larco Museum, Amano Museum, Museum of Pre-Columbian Art – MAP, Raimondi Museum, Huaca de la Luna Site Museum, Lima Museum of Art - MALI, Casa Bodega y Quadra Site Museum, Saint Dominic Priory-Qorikancha Museum, Lima Cathedral Archive and Museum, Central Reserve Bank of Peru Museum, The Wall Park-Lima), universities (UCSUR-Lima University Press, USIL-Cusco), financial institutions and banks.

With more than fifteen years’ experience in the publishing industry as a translator, editor and writer, he has contributed to dozens of publications, including magazines and more than thirty books on a variety of subjects.


2009 -

Río Abiseo National Park: Living memory of the Amazonian Andean cultural landscape: Warren B. Church, Adine Gavazzi, Pablo Gómez, Federico Kauffmann Doig, Blanca León, Víctor Macedo, Alfredo Narváez, Víctor Pimentel Gurmendi, Víctor A. Pimentel, Jhonny Ramos, Luis Felipe Villacorta, Rob Williams, Kenneth R. Young.

Pantanos de Villa: An oasis in Metropolitan Lima: UCSUR-Lima

Catalogue Miguel Aguirre exhibition: Museum of the Central Reserve Bank of Peru - MUCEN.

The Domestication of the Andes: Pre-Hispanic agricultural management and its global contribution: Jaime Deza Rivasplata / Francisco Delgado de la Flor Badaracco.

Mensajes hilados del pasado: Dorothee Rivka Rago.

The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu: Roberto Gheller (Ed.)

The Incas: The Empire of the Sun: Roberto Gheller (Ed.)

Chachapoyas Culture: Dr. Federico Kauffmann Doig.

Whales of Northern Peru: Pacífico Adventures / UCSUR.

Museum of Pre-Columbian Art (Catalogue): Rafael Larco Hoyle Association.

Peru - Ancient and Magical: Ed. Roberto Gheller.

Machu Picchu - Inca Marvel: Luis Felipe Villacorta.

Peru: Land of the Incas: Ed. Roberto Gheller.

Machu Picchu – Eternal City: Ed. Roberto Gheller.

The Peruvian Hairless Dog - An Ancient Heritage: Ermanno Maniero / UCSUR.

Incas and Pharaohs - An Interpretative Discussion: Fidel Ramírez Prado / Jaime Deza Rivasplata.

Machu Picchu, Enchantment in Stone (3 volumes): Dr. Federico Kauffmann Doig. (Translation and revision of texts)

Ancient Peru, Incas and Pre-Incas: Editor: Roberto Gheller.

Bilingual English-Spanish Dictionary: Published by: Unimundo S.A.C. (Content editor and English translation)

Lima Cathedral: Treasure of Religious Art: Archbishopric of Lima, Peru.

Larco Museum, Treasures of Ancient Peru: Rafael Larco Herrera Museum.

Family Life in Andean Communities, Anthropological Studies in the Southern Highlands of Peru: Ralph Bolton.

Puno, Lake and Highlands: Asociación Civil Ñan Perú.

Machu Picchu, the City in the Clouds: Luis Felipe Villacorta. 

Cusco, Navel of the Earth: Luis Felipe Villacorta.

Lima, Colonial City: Enrique Flores Rosales.

Nasca and Paracas, Mystery and Nature: Luis Felipe Villacorta.

Children’s Land (3 volumes): Association for Children and their Environment (ANIA).

Andar, andar: How to Enjoy a Peruvian Paso Horse: José Carlos Dextre.

The Cultures of Ancient Peru:Luis Felipe Villacorta.

The Tupo: Ancestral Symbol of Feminine Identity: Luisa María Vetter Parodi and Paloma Carcedo de Mufarech.

The Other Wonder of Cusco: Asociación Civil Ñan Perú.

Inti Raymi 2009:

Tradition and faith (English and Spanish texts).

The Nasca Lines:
José Miguel Helfer Arguedas.

2006 – 2008

Textiles of Ancient Peru:
María Ysabel Medina Castro and Roberto Gheller-Doig.

Ceramics of Ancient Peru: Luis Felipe Villacorta.

Ancestors of the Incas – The Lost Civilizations of Peru: Dr. Federico Kauffmann Doig.

Faces of Ancient Peru: Luis Felipe Villacorta.

Lima – City of Kings: José Miguel Helfer Arguedas.

Machu Picchu – Lost Paradise of the Incas: José Miguel Helfer Arguedas.

Picanterías and Picantes, Arequipa’s Traditional Foods and Restaurants: Raúl Vargas and Sergio Carrasco.

Kitchens and Flavors of Cajamarca: Raúl Vargas and Sergio Carrasco.

Peru: Land of Contrasts (texts).

Flowers of Machu Picchu:
Gino Cassinelli Del Sante and Daniel Huaman.

Gold of Ancient Peru: Luisa Vetter Parodi.

Trees and Bushes of the Sacred Valley: Gino Cassinelli Del Sante.

Birds of Machu Picchu: Gino Cassinelli Del Sante.

2003 - 2005

Consultant with the travel companies “Tambopata Ecolodge” and “Andean Adventures Peru” (Cusco, Peru).
Freelance Spanish teacher and tutor with the Australian NGO "Peru Challenge".

Translator of the book "Machu Picchu: Inca Treasure", by the renowned Peruvian academic Dr. Federico Kauffmann Doig.
National Institute of Culture for UNESCO: Translation and narration of the documentary “Qoyllurit’i” by the Cusco academic Doctor Jorge Flores Ochoa
PromPeru / Canatur: Co-editor in Spanish of the magazine “Destinos Perú”, for the International Travel Fair, Beijing, China 2005.

8th Symposium of World Heritage Cities: Official translator (Cusco Peru).

Association of Travel Agencies (AATC, Cusco): Translator, writer and publicist.


PROFONANPE (Peruvian National Fund for State Protected Natural Areas) and the NGO Programa Machu Picchu:

- Editor and translator of the English and Spanish editions of the book “Orchids of the Machu Picchu Historical Sanctuary”.

- Editor and translator of the Spanish and English editions of the book “Butterflies of the Machu Picchu Historical Sanctuary”.

Cusco Weekly: Regular columnist with the English language newspaper “Cusco Weekly”.

The Peru Handbook: Contributor (Footprint Publications, England).   


Rumbos de sol y piedra: English editor and translator with the Lima-based bilingual cultural and travel magazine (until 2008).

Cusco and the Inca Trail Handbook (Footprint Publications, UK): Contributor
Insight Guide to Peru: Updating and revision of the 2001 edition, published in the UK by “Insight Guides”.

PROFONANPE (Peruvian National Fund for State Protected Natural Areas) and the NGO Programa Machu Picchu:  

- Editor of the English language edition of “The Birds of Machu Picchu” by the British Consul in Cusco, Barry Walker MBE.

- Translation from English to Spanish of “A Study of the Social and Environmental Conditions on the Inca Trail, and its Acceptable Carrying Capacity Limit”, by Gregory C. Jones of the Forestry and Environment School of Yale University.

- Machu Picchu Historical Sanctuary official website.

1999 - 2000

Promperú: Co-translator of the series of publications “Ancestral Routes”.

New World News International: Editor of what was at the time the only English language cultural periodical in Peru.

Orient Express - Peru Rail: Conception, creation and editing of the onboard magazine “Peru by Rail”.  

1997- 1998

Teaching (until 2005): Freelance teacher of Spanish as a second language for foreign nationals in the city of Cusco, Peru.

1992 - 1996

Travel Industry: International tour leader in ten South American countries (Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil).